CWI Tech-Mesh™ mesh pads, filters, and bulk knitted wire mesh are all manufactured at our Houston, Texas location. These products are made using only the highest quality stainless steel and specialty alloy materials sourced from other Central Wire Industries locations across the United States. Because all of our core products are produced in-house, we can offer full support when selecting the ideal wire grade for your specific application or industry. We will always work to meet your requirements so you do not have to settle for a predetermined specification. Not sure which nickel, stainless, or copper mesh material will work best for you? Learn all about our standard and specialty alloy knitted wire mesh below.

Visit our alloy pages below for additional information about our 300 series stainless steel, and specialty alloy knitted wire mesh. Learn all about the chemical composition of our various materials, download our product guides, and compare the different options for your mesh pad. Do not hesitate to contact our knowledgeable staff if you have any questions about CWI Tech-Mesh™. Our metallurgical experts are always available to help.

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Copper Alloys

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Ready for a quote? The CWI sales team is always available to answer your questions or provide additional information about our products and alloys. Visit our technical resources page for convenient downloadable copies of our charts, catalogs, and forms.

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