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CWI Tech-Mesh™ is a versatile product able to be used in a wide array of industries. From oil and gas to food and beverage, our finished demister pads, bulk mesh, and wire mesh filters can be customized according to your preferred mesh density and alloy selection. Planning a plant shutdown for turnaround season? We can help. Central Wire Industries always prioritizes quality and performance above all else, which is why our products are always manufactured using material sourced from our own facilities across the United States.


Knitted wire mesh filters are often used to control air pollution. It traps and manages potentially hazardous mist, while still allowing clean vapor to rise. From oil mist to sulphuric acid, CWI Tech-Mesh™ helps manage toxic material without inhibiting processing efficiency.


In its simplest form, knitted wire acts as a filter. With the ability to process a wide range of liquids, our stainless steel and specialty alloy pads can assist with chemical processing, water treatment, and more. Not sure if Tech-Mesh™ will work for you? Contact our knowledgeable sales team to discuss your different options.

Food & Beverage

Knitted wire mesh can be employed in virtually any industry, including food and beverage. CWI understands the importance of quality when it comes to maintaining a safe and sanitary processing area, which is why our stainless steel Tech-Mesh™ is a staple for managing cooking oil and other liquids. Learn all about our 300 series stainless steel by visiting our alloys page.

Refinery Towers

Demister pads/ mist eliminators require little maintenance, have no moving parts, and withstand exposure to corrosive environments. This is why they are a staple within refinery towers. Tech-Mesh™ helps remove  liquid mist from exhaust streams by coalescing liquid droplets and allowing clean vapor to rise. Click here to read more about specifying a custom demister pad for your tower internals.

And More!

We have the capability to manufacture a knitted wire mesh pad to even the most stringent customer standards. Our experienced engineering team and metallurgical experts are always available to compare alloys and discuss mesh densities. Whether you are looking to replace an existing unit or trying to spec a custom solution, we are always available to craft the ideal product for your setup.

Planning a Turnaround? Central Wire Has You Covered

It can be frustrating when a planned plant shutdown reveals unanticipated issues, which is why Central Wire Industries has all the products and materials required to perform successful TAR operations. Don’t forget to stock up on Generation 4™ welding wire or rod when you specify your next order of Tech-Mesh™. Sourcing your welding wire and mist eliminators together not only allows you to address routine repairs, but also guarantees you have the necessary supplies to tackle unexpected problems. With over 40 alloys available, including stainless steel, nickel, copper, we have everything you need to conduct a smooth overhaul. 

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