Understanding Mist Eliminators/ Demister Pads

Meeting exact customer product dimensional, ductility, and performance specifications requires specialized alloy selection and engineered manufacturing. CWI Tech-Mesh™ mist eliminators/ demister pads can be manufactured in a wide range of wire diameters, alloys, mesh densities, and product geometries under precise production and processing equipment capabilities. CWI produces the core products for our demister pads in-house that comprise the final product including wire, support rods and welding wire.

circle mist eliminators and demister pads

Demystifying the Separation Process

Mist removal, or elimination, is a critical process in many industrial applications. Petrochemical processing, environmental protection, and refinery operations all rely on the separation of liquid droplets from vapor streams to maintain and protect equipment, filter pollution, and operate at peak performance. Mist eliminators, also referred to as demister pads or wire mesh pads help achieve this filtration reliably, efficiently, and with minimal maintenance. They are typically fitted just below tank outlets and can be installed either vertically or horizontally, depending on the configuration of the unit.


As its name implies, mist eliminators remove moisture from gas streams. Vapor carries mist as it rises, and while gas is free to pass through knitted mesh unobstructed, individual mist droplets become trapped. Droplets grow in size as moisture accumulates, eventually causing the heaviest ones to fall back into the pool of liquid below. This coalescing process prevents even small drops of liquid from rising to the top of the tank. 

Understanding Demisters

Benefits of Knitted Wire Mesh Pads

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