Knitted Mesh Whitepaper

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Innovative solutions that redefine industry standards are not only desirable, but also necessary in a world of ongoing technological progress. We are pleased to introduce you to CWI Tech-Mesh™, an outstanding knitted wire mesh product from Central Wire that goes beyond the ordinary of durability, efficiency, and adaptability.

Why is Separating Liquid Droplets Important?

The challenge of effectively separating liquid droplets from vapor streams in multiple industrial uses. The coexistence of liquid and vapor phases is common in many industries, and failing to manage this issue appropriately can lead to difficulties.


It is critical to address the problem of separating liquid droplets from vapor streams efficiently for various reasons:

• Equipment Safety
• Process Efficiency
• Environmental Compliance
• Health and Safety

Our Solution:

We recognize that the demands of the modern industry are as varied as 
they are complex. The need for reliable and adaptive solutions is crucial in the  oil and gas industry, HVAC systems, hospitality, clean water treatment  plants, waste management facilities,  and many other critical industries.


One key solution to effectively separate liquid droplets and vapor streams is the introduction of Demister pads, also known as mist eliminators, are specialized moisture filters used in 
industrial applications.


They are commonly used to eliminate liquid droplets from vapor 
streams, protecting other pieces of downstream equipment and are normally installed beneath tank outputs.
Depending on the equipment layout, they can be installed vertically or horizontally.

In our Knitted Mesh Whitepaper, we will further address solutions to effectively separate liquid droplets from vapor streams. Additionally, we will provide a range of benefits of how our Tech-Mesh products are beneficial in a range of industries, including Hospitality, Kitchen Appliances, Oil & Gas, & Chemical Treatment Plants. Does this sound interesting to you? It does to us too! To download our brand new whitepaper in full, click the button below!